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Frontpage News 2008 Tailoring support to disabled university students

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Tailoring support to disabled university students

On 25 September, a joint Czech-Norwegian conference in Prague enabled universities to pool experiences on the topic of disabled students.

The September conference at the Metropolitan University in Prague formed part of a project supported under the Czech Scholarship fund.

The Czech private university has been awarded a €19,000 grant to share experiences on providing support to disabled students with Norwegian counterparts. Norway's University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is cooperating in the project.

Present at the conference, Norway's Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Peter Ræder, underscored the project's significance. "Although the project is small in terms of budget, it is an important contribution to the Czech-Norwegian cooperation in terms of sharing experiences in the field of education and integration of disabled people into society", the Ambassador said.

Dating back to 2001, the Metropolitan University in Prague is one of the private universities with the longest traditions in the Czech Republic. Today, the university boost a barrier-free campus and tailor-made support to its current 63 disabled students.