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Frontpage News 2008 Scholarships available for young Hungarian researchers

Scholarships available for young Hungarian researchers

On 30 October, the Magyary Higher Education Public Foundation launched a call to halt the "brain drain" in Hungarian science. The call is the first of three rounds of EEA and Norway Grants scholarships in Hungary.

Like many countries in Europe, Hungary is faced with a situation where young researchers leave the country for better prospects elsewhere. A €1.2 million scholarship fund, supported with a €1 million grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, will now contribute to keeping hold of the best brains in Hungary - and encouraging them to come back.

Researchers under the age of 40 with international experience can apply for up to two-year scholarships. The sucessfull applicants have to carry out their research at a Hungarian higher education institute. The financial support amounts to a maximum of €18,000 a year, comprised of a monthly grant of HUF 302,500 and an annual research grant of HUF 948,750.

The scholarships from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will be channeled through an already existing Hungarian fund, the Fellowship, which has been regranting to young Hungarian researchers over the last twelve years.
Further details on the application process are available in the open call text. The deadline for applying for grants in the first call is 30 December 2008.