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Frontpage News 2008 Open call for Estonian local and regional development projects

Open call for Estonian local and regional development projects

A €3.75 million fund set up to contribute to a sustainable development of Estonian regions launched an open call for project proposal on 28 March.

Fund manager Enterprise Estonia will accept applications under the €1.7 million call until 30 June 2008. A second round with funding opportunities under the fund will be held between December 2008 and January 2009.

Three-fold purpose:

  • To strengthen the administrative capacity of Estonian local governments, local government associations and county governments, mainly for developing public services and creating innovative/better development solutions for regions;
  • To promote cooperation between local governments, county governments, local government associations and non-profit associations on the local and regional level; and
  • To improve the economic environment and sustainability of regions.

Eligible applicants for grants include local government units, local government associations, county governments, and non-profit associations and foundations, if the project activities correspond to the statute of the organisation.

Partnership projects

The regional development fund also provide opportunities to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between local governments, local government associations, and county governments in Estonia and the three EEA EFTA states - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

A Norwegian-Estonian contact seminar will be held on 28 April in Oslo, to put the spotlight on possibilities for joint projects between Estonian and Norwegian local and regional authorities. The seminar will have a practical format, with small working groups between potential partners as well as a general introduction to the administrative system in both countries.
Further details on the open call, as well as the partnership possibilities and the needed cooperation agreement in case of transfer of funds are available on Enterprise Estonia's web page.