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Frontpage News 2008 Great interest for EEA scholarships in Poland


Great interest for EEA scholarships in Poland

More than 630 students and staff from Poland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are set to benefit from the €13.3 million Polish scholarship fund this autumn.

The fund's first call for applications closed in June 2008 and a full list of supported universities is now available on the web site of fund manager Foundation for the development of the Education System.

The open call for applications spurred strong interest from Polish students, teachers and higher educational institutions. The fund manager received applications from 29 universities, applying for mobility grants for a total number of 856 students and staff.

Funding has now been made available for 634 staff and students, who will be able to go on exchanges between Poland and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. "Compared with the ERASMUS exchange programme, we will see a threefold increase in student exchanges this year," said project coordinator Katarzyna Aleksandrowicz. Not only will Polish students be able to study in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, the exchange will happen also the other way around. "This is great news for Polish universities, who are keen to take on students from abroad," said Aleksandrowicz.

Strengthening bilateral relations

"We are very happy that there is such a great interest for the Scholarship and Training Fund," said Norwegian Ambassador to Poland, Knut Hauge. "The fund is an important tool for broadening and strengthening bilateral relations between Norway and Poland. We are particularly happy that the fund allows for cooperation at all academic levels, from schools to universities," Ambassador Hauge continued.

The fund launched its first open call for proposals in April 2008, initially making available €4.3 million to doctoral students, researchers, educational institutions and organisations in Poland. Due to the strong interest from applicants, funds will now be transferred from the planned second open call to meet the high demand.
Scholarships are awarded to doctoral students, researchers, educational institutions and organisations. Educational institutions in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway can participate as project partners. The three EEA EFTA countries are supporting the fund with €12 million, while Poland is covering the remaining 10% of the fund's costs.