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Frontpage News 2008 Czech Republic launches open call for bilateral research projects

Czech Republic launches open call for bilateral research projects

The Czech research fund has launched a €2.4 million call for cooperative research and development projects between Czech research institutions and entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

On 3 November, the €4.8 million Czech Research Support Fund made available a second batch of funding to strengthen academic cooperation and scientific partnerships between the Czech Republic and the EEA EFTA states.
A total €2.4 million will be re-granted to support projects aimed at transfering know-how within the fields of innovative research and development solutions, methods, procedures and technologies.
Czech research- and educational institutions, businesses and NGOs are eligible to apply for grant support for research and development activities within the following areas:

-u0009European cultural heritage;
-u0009Protection of the environment;
-u0009Human resource development;
-u0009Healthcare; and
-u0009Children's living conditions.
All projects must be carried out in collaboration with at least one partner from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Additional partners from the Czech Republic are also welcome to participate in the proposed projects. Successful projects will receive between €25,000 and €250,000 in grant assistance.
Applications should be submitted electronically to fund intermediary National Training Fund before 6 January 2009. For further information about eligibility, partnerships and the application process, see the open call text. For more information about the Research Support Fund and the EEA and Norway Grants in the Czech Republic, visit www.eea-researchfund.cz and www.eeagrants.cz.