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Frontpage News 2008 Bringing to life the Old Town of Tric, Slovenia


Bringing to life the Old Town of Tric, Slovenia

On 12 September 2008, the Slovene town of Tric saw the inauguration of its new cultural centre. The centre is a part of the Lively Old Town project, which seeks to bring life back to the towns of the Gorenjska region.

Situated in the north of Slovenia, the Gorenjska region offers a pristine alpine landscape and picturesque old towns. The towns of the region play an important role in Slovene history; in the course of the last few years, they have however increasingly been subject to neglect.

Facing declining population and competition from out-of-town shopping malls, many town centres have recently seen a substantial drop in commercial activity. This has in some cases brought important architectural heritage to the brink of irreparable damage, as buildings have been left to decay.
The Lively Old Town project sets forth to reverse this tendency. By refurbishing a public square or building in five selected towns, it aims to be a first step towards old town renewal, through inspiring further renovation activities by local citizens and commercial actors. The whole project is supported by a €1,224,903 contribution from the Norway Grants, and draws on expertise from the Norwegian county of Hedmark. Following Radovlijica, Kranj and Jesenice, Tric was the fourth town to see its sub-project come to completion.

Consistent with the objectives of the Lively Old Town project, Tric' new cultural centre is located in a historical building in the middle of the town. Through the project, it has been subject to major construction efforts, converting it into a modern, multipurpose cultural centre. The opening ceremony, featuring among others local folk dancers and visitors from Norway and Slovenia, marked the beginning of what will likely both be an important meeting place for the local cultural life, as well as a starting point for the further regeneration of the town.