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Frontpage News 2007 Poland-Norway fund for research approved

Poland-Norway fund for research approved

A €15 million research fund earmarked to partnership projects between Poland and Norway was approved on 20 February, giving a big boost to academic cooperation between the two countries.

The fund, which is supported with a €13 million grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and €2 million from the Polish government, will provide grants to joint Polish-Norwegian research projects and support workshops and seminars facilitating research cooperation between the two countries.
The fund, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between Polish and Norwegian researchers, will primarily focus on environmental and health research. The research fund will be jointly implemented by the Polish Information Processing Centre, which will act as the fund’s intermediary, and the Norwegian Research Council. Both institutions have considerable experience in managing and granting research projects.
A first call for proposals for applications under the Polish-Norwegian Research Fund will be held during fall 2007.
More information about the Polish fund intermediary, the Information Processing Centre is available on www.opi.org.pl, while information about the Norwegian Research Council is available on www.forskningsradet.no