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Frontpage News 2007 July launch of three Czech programmes

July launch of three Czech programmes

Three regions in the Czech Republic launched calls for proposals this month for local projects within cultural heritage, health and childcare and human resources development.

The subsidiarity principle is a strong feature in the set-up of the Financial Mechanisms in the Czech Republic, with the country's fourteen regions deciding in 2005 whether their allocations in the first round of funding should be open to competition through an open call for proposals, or whether they would present a project or programme idea of their own. The three regions of Vysoèina, Hradec Králové and South-Bohemia opted for programmes and launched open calls for proposals for support to sub-projects in early July.

Vysoèina's programme focuses the €600,000 support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and its own contribution of around €100,000 on projects aimed at protecting the region's cultural heritage. The decision to exclusively target cultural heritage was taken due to the relative lack of financing for this priority area from the EU's Structural Funds and the considerable need for this kind of funding. The region is host to three of the 12 UNESCO world heritage sites in the Czech Republic, as well as about 400 other monuments. Project applications can be submitted until 5 September.

Under the South-Bohemian region's €2.1 million programme a broader set of activities is eligible for grant support, including development of children and youth, renewal of the region's cultural heritage, and integration of disadvantaged children into society. The current €1.14 million call for proposals, launched on 2 July, is focused on modernisation of the equipment used in nurseries, kindergartens and children's homes, renewal of the historical cultural heritage and support to children with specific problems. Project applications can be submitted until 14 September.

In Hradec Králové, a programme has been established to strengthen social, educational and medical services in the region, by enabling organisations working in these fields to reconstruct and modernise their premises. Under the €3.5 million programme, projects that aim to renovate buildings of historical or cultural value will be prioritised. The Hradec Králové region launched its first call for proposals under this programme on 9 July, and project proposals can be submitted until 7 September.

For more information see the open call texts:
- The "Cultural Heritage of Vysocina" Programme
- Programme of the development of the South Bohemian region in the domain of education, cultural and historical heritage and the support of the programmes for children with specific problems
- "Strenghtening of social, educational and medical services in the Hradec Králové Region