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Frontpage News 2005 Slovenia announces 14 million open call for proposals

Slovenia announces 14 million open call for proposals

On 31 May 2005, Slovenia announced an open call for proposals making just above 14 million euros available for applications under the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial mechanism established by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The call, allocated to applications for Individual Projects, covers the entire commitment period of the financial mechanisms and is divided into four instalments. For the first instalment, which covers the allocation for the years 2004-2005 and is worth 5.7 million euros, the application deadline is 30 September this year. The next three instalments cover annual allocations to Individual Projects worth 2.8 million euros each, with deadlines on April 30, 2006, April 30, 2007 and April 30, 2008, respectively.

In total, the two financial mechanisms will make available 19 million euros to projects in the Slovenia over a five-year period until 2009, covering a wide range of priority sectors such as protection of the environment, sustainable development, conservation of the European cultural heritage, human resources development and health and childcare.