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Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning - Vox

Country: Norway

The Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning, Vox, is a donor programme partner in the programme on capacity building and institutional cooperation with Norwegian public institutions in Hungary.



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Contact person Ms Graciela Sbertoli
Telephone +47 23 38 13 46 / +47 976 93 706

About the programme area - Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation with Norwegian Public Institutions

This programme area will facilitate the exchange of experience and learning between partners in Norway and the beneficiary states. It provides the framework for administrations and public authorities in the beneficiary states to cooperate with their counterparts in Norway, with the aim of developing modern and efficient administrations.

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About the programme in Hungary

Two Norwegian public institutions are involved in developing and implementing the programme. KS, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, is the main donor programme partner, while Vox functions as assistant donor programme partner. Vox is also a partner in a predefined project. In this project Vox will assist the Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning in creating and carrying out seminars for civil servants on the role of adult learning as a tool for municipal and regional development.

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Including Lifelong Learning

Vox’s role within this programme is to ensure that Lifelong Learning is included in all activities financed under the programme. The Principles of Lifelong Learning will be part of the conceptual base for the predefined projects in this programme.

Project applicants in the open call will be encouraged to include activities in their projects that will increase awareness, knowledge and capacity of civil servants regarding Lifelong Learning. The end result is expected to be increased capacity to create and implement policies that will contribute to reduced unemployment and poverty as well as increased social inclusion.

Partnership possibilities

During the implementation phase of the open call Vox will assist KS in facilitating partnerships between Hungarian and Norwegian public bodies. Potential project promoters are encouraged to contact Vox for help in identifying relevant project partners. KS operates a partner search database in order to facilitate partnerships.

About Vox

Vox is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Vox provides a knowledge base for policy development in adult learning, coordinates the cooperation among stakeholders in the field, and implements national programmes in Norway.

Through its participation in the Norway Grants, Vox expects to strengthen its cooperation with relevant stakeholders in Hungary, and to increase its knowledge of Hungarian Lifelong Learning policies. Experience shows that this kind of benchmarking can be a powerful tool for awareness-raising and may also be an inspiration for further development of the bilateral cooperation between Hungary and Norway.