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Photo: © Donald Weber

Romania: Matchmaking seminar 'NGO fund'

The aim of the seminar is to facilitate contact and discussions on opportunities for cooperation and partnership development between representatives of interested parties from Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein and Romanian NGOs.

The thematic focus envisaged for discussions and cooperation will be in line with the specific areas of support covered by the NGO Fund, namely:

• Democracy, volunteering and civic participation, human rights (details here)

• Social justice (combating social exclusion and reducing disparities) (details here)

• Sustainable development (details here)

• Welfare and basic services (details here)

• NGO capacity development. Networks and coalitions (details here)

For more details, please contact Vera Ularu on e-mail or by phone +4 021.310.01.77/81/82/83.

Read more about the Funds for Non‐governmental Organisations in Romania here