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Testing the waters - risk management

Managing Risk for Results and Fighting Corruption

This seminar – the latest in our series of regular seminars organised together with Transparency International – will provide a forum for discussion on the main risks to achieving the results of the Grants.

Sound risk management is essential for achieving the expected results of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Risk management helps recognise potential problems – from low political, legal or local support to capacity or fraud – and identify ways to overcome them. Since corruption affects the quality of services that people depend on and often hits the poor and marginalised the hardest, managing corruption risk is integral to achieving what the Grants set out to do.

And, as the Grants are getting underway in many of the beneficiary countries, practical ideas and solutions to fighting corruption are essential.

In this seminar speakers and participants - leaders from the National Focal Point and representatives of the three donor countries and the Financial Mechanism Office - will have a chance to share country experience and discuss practical solutions for mitigating these risks.

Please note that this seminar is by invitation only.

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