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Three wishes for Cinderella

Film seminar: Three wishes for Cinderella

"Three wishes for Cinderella", a Czech fairytale film directed by Václav Vorlícek in 1973, is an important part of the Norwegian Christmas celebration. Supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 'Cultural heritage programme', the film has been restored and digitised, making it available in HD quality.

The digitalised version will be screened at the Norwegian Film Institute on December 14, at 6 pm, with English subtitles. Following the screening, the National Library of Norway is organising a seminar on December 15, focusing on film and translation, film history, and restoration and digitisation of films to safeguard them for the future. The National Library of Norway has assisted the Czech National Film Archive in the digital restoration of important Czech film heritage, as a partner in the project.

Among the speakers at the film seminar are Sara Brinch (NTNU), Anna Sofia Rossholm (Linnaeus University), Pavel Skopal and Radomír D. Kokeš (both from Masaryk University). Representatives from the Czech National Film Archive will speak about the process behind the restoration and digitisation of 'Three wishes for Cinderella', and it's important role in Czech film history.

Photo: Czech State Cinematography Fund

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