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Photo: Body/Mind Foundation

'FOLK? I DO (NOT) AGREE!' - performance

'FOLK? I do (not) agree!' is an performance under 'Promotion of culture and arts within European cultural heritage' programme in Poland, focusing on folklore and culture in both Poland and Iceland.

Implemented within the Polish Cultural Heritage programme and in cooperation with the Reykjavik Dance Festival, 'FOLK? I do (not) agree!' is a Polish-Icelandic project inspired by a performance by Edyta Kozak and Roland Rowiński with a similar title. The starting point was the attempt to redefine the notion of folk and show it in a broad context, both as a cultural form and as a social and political construct. Implemented through artistic residencies in Poznań and Reykjavik, the project builds on folklore studies the Foundation has initiated in the past and seeks an answer to questions pertaining to the role folk plays in modern social, economic and political spheres both in Poland and in Iceland.

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