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Conference: Together against Hate Speech and Hate Crime

Combating hate speech and hate crime through strengthened cooperation.

The conference 'Together against Hate Speech and Hate Crime' brings together various stakeholders to discuss how to enhance partnerships between governments, civil society and international organizations. The conference will likewise showcase both current and past partnership experiences and best practices, and serve as a platform for knowledge exchange on key aspects that could be transferable to other initiatives.

Speakers include Ms Carmen Plaza, the Director of the Women Institute at the Ministry of Health and Social Equality of Spain, Johan Christopher Vibe, the Norwegian Ambassador to Spain, and Mr Juan Lara Crevillen, President of the NGO Platform of Social Action.

The conference is a collaboration between the Spanish Social Action NGOs Platform with the Norwegian Embassy in Spain, the EEA and Norway Grants, and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of Spain.

Hate speech and hate crime are closely related topics. The EEA Grants is a strategic partner to the Council of Europe Campaign ‘No Hate Speech Movement’ and has been involved in Fundamental Rights Conferences working against Hate Crime.

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