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Closing event: GR05 'Asylum and migration' programme

The programme 'Supporting Organizations that assist migrant asylum seeking population in Greece' (SOAM) was launched with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway during a period when there was an urgent need for the establishment of more supporting services in Greece for asylum seekers and especially vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied children.

The aim of SOAM has been to support NGOs in Greece with long experience in the provision of services to migrant population. The direct beneficiaries of this programme have been the asylum seekers and more specific vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied children, elderly people, victims of trafficking or/and torture. In addition to accommodation and food, the people involved with this programme have received medical coverage and psycho-social support. The International Organization for Migration Office in Greece has acted as Fund Operator of the Programme, monitoring the work of 3 consortiums that was selected for its implementation.

With funding from EEA Grants, the 3 consortiums has increased the number of shelters for asylum seekers in Greece, resulting in 270 new spaces for asylum seekers, prioritising unaccompanied minors. Additionally, the standards of living have been improved, increasing quality of life for people waiting to get their applications for asylum to be examined by the Greek Authorities. Finally, the SOAM has promoted cooperation among NGOs, Greek authorities and the broader public.

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