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Frontpage Do you know the ingenious Tripp Trapp® chair?

New and modern machines have improved the finishing line at Sortilemn and the quality of the chairs. Photo credit: Bogdan Croitoru - Stokke

Do you know the ingenious Tripp Trapp® chair?

  • When the Romanian furniture production company Sortilemn SA got help to “go green”, they became a more reliable supplier of the famous Norwegian Tripp Trapp® chair.

    The iconic chair was invented by designer Peter Opsvik and launched by the Norwegian company Stokke in 1972. Today it is still as relevant and innovative as it was forty-five years ago. One of the suppliers of Tripp Trapp® for Stokke is the furniture production company Sortilemn SA in Romania.

    New finishing line

    With €268 000 in support from us, the company has been able to update the equipment and technology used when producing furniture for Stokke. New and modern machines have improved the finishing line and quality of the chairs, increased the company’s production capacity and lowered the utility costs and the amount of manufacturing waste.

    Tripp Trapp_160630-195A5794

    This has reduced the product defect rate from 7% to 2.86% of the total output. Improved finishing line has reduced the drying time of lacquer from 90 minutes to 52 minutes – enabling up to 42% capacity increase.  An additional benefit is the improved working conditions in the production facilities as a result of reduced dust emissions in the air.

    “Environmentally friendly production”

     “The project was very important for Sortilemn. It developed our ability to deliver high-quality products for companies like Stokke in a more environmentally friendly way, and ensured a more sustainable cooperation between us and Stokke. The project was good for the environment, workers and the business,” explains Alina Lazar, Financial Analyst and project manager at Sortilemn.

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    The project has drawn on the expertise of Stokke on how to create greener and more sustainable production processes:

    “Sortilemn in Romania is a big supplier for Stokke, and it is important for us that they meet the standards for environmental sustainability. With the new technology, this is now the case. This also ensures more predictable production processes – and better quality products,” says Olai Storheim, operation manager at Stokke.

    Through the Grants, people and organisations in Norway and the beneficiary countries are given the opportunity to forge ties and work together. Read about the Green Monitor – a system that monitors the maintenance of industrial machines in a more cost-effective way – developed by InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Kongsberg Terotech.

    stokkefront Sortilemn's production hall. Photo credit: Bogdan Croitoru - Stokke

    Green business, is good business

    Norway supports programmes that promote increased competitiveness of green enterprises in eight countries in Europe – Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The eight programmes on green industry innovation and entrepreneurship provide funding to companies that develop environmentally friendly products, services and technologies, and encourage eco-innovation and develop green business opportunities.

    Geir Askvik Haugum, Senior Sector Officer for our green programmes, underlines the importance of dedicated funding to innovation, entrepreneurship and green businesses: 

    “What we see in the companies that have received project funding is that they have improved their green results, reduced emissions and the use of raw materials and increased their production – resulting in increased turnover of their business.”

    Would you like to read more about green industry development, innovation and entrepreneuship? Take a look at our annual report for 2016 and the chapter dedicated to our green programmes.

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    Priority sector:

    Green Industry Innovation


    € 348000



    Project promoter:

    SC Sortilemn SA

    Type of Institution:

    Large enterprise

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    6 months

    Project cost:

    € 706,112

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    Norway Grants

    The current finishing line consums a lot of lacquer and other operational resources. The objective refers to the optimization of the furniture processing value chain by integrating a "state of the art" finishing line for the production and supply of wooden chairs and beds for children. Benefits:Lacquers based on water are used in the production flow which are not polluting the environment and are handled and supported much more easier, giving the workers a high level of security in using the new machinery and delivering to the final consumer a safe and healthy item. Cost reduction with lacquer consumption, energy used, time labour and others. The value added to the product by all these features allows the company to pass along increased costs to its customer. As an experienced supplier of premium-quality furniture products, STOKKE Norway will provide the technical leadership for the design of the technical solution and process flow, as well as the professional training to the Sortilemn staff for the optimal use of the new technology.