Key areas of support

  • Increasing competitiveness of green enterprises and green job creation
  • Preventing and tackling domestic violence
  • Improving flood resilience and raising public awareness of flood prevention
  • Strengthening cross-border cooperation with Ukraine
  • Promoting social inclusion of Roma


Total allocation:€70.3 M
EEA Grants:€32.3 M
Norway Grants:€38 M
Total allocation:€80.75 M
EEA Grants:€38.35 M
Norway Grants:€42.4 M

Programme overview

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Distribution of funding 2009-14


Country facts

  Slovakia EU-28
GDP per capita in PPS (EU=100) 75 100
Economic growth (% change on previous year) 0.9 0.1
Unemployment rate (%)* 13.2 10.2
Youth unemployment rate (%)* 30.4 22.2
Public debt (% of GDP) 54.6 85.4
Gender pay gap (%) 19.8 16.4
At-risk-of-poverty rate (%) 19.8 24.5
Human development index 21 (EU-28 ranking)*
Corruption perception index* 23 (EU-28 ranking)

Sources: Eurostat, UNDP, Transparency International. All data is from 2013, except where * indicates 2014. Last updated in April 2015.

Project stories, news and features

Standing with civil society


“We’ve fought so hard and achieved a lot. But there’s still much more to do. We now have an opportunity to make a real difference and hope for a better future.”

Responding to a changing climate


While negotiations for a global climate agreement is ongoing in Paris, climate change is already happening. Adapting societies to the impact of climate change is needed to protect ecosystems, people, infrastructure and businesses. Improving the preparedness at local level is a key element of our adaptation efforts.

Culture programmes to generate lasting impact


The cultural heritage and diversity programmes can contribute substantially towards safeguarding cultural heritage and generate an economic and social impact that will endure beyond the funding.