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Frontpage Project search Establishing a National Adaptation Geoinformatic Sysytem (NAGiS)

Establishing a National Adaptation Geoinformatic Sysytem (NAGiS)


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased capacity to assess vulnerability to climate change
Project promoter: Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary
Type of institution: Government ministry
Project number: HU04-0001
Target group(s): Researchers or scientists, Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 1,623,074
Final project costs: € 1,580,184
From EEA Grants: € 1,541,920
The project is carried out in: Hungary

More information

Project website

This is a project under the programme: Adaptation to Climate Change
Priority sector: Climate Change

Summary of project results


In Hungary seasons are shifting, temperatures are rising, and there is an increased risk of drought, forest fires and floods, as well as increased damage caused by growing storm intensity. The NAGiS objectives are to facilitate capacity-building in climate change adaptation, improve the existing data collection, processing and climate modelling, and become a single point of reference for objective climate change information. A multipurpose meta database will be developed, the NAGiS database. The main target group for NAGiS are analysts and experts, public authorities as decision-makers, the research community, and the general public. NAGiS will contribute to the in-depth analysis of the scientific, socio-economic and technical aspects of climate change as well as the formulation of adequate climate change adaptation strategies and measures.


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