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Czech Republic

Project Facts

Project objective: Capacity of gender equality organisations and networks strengthened
Project promoter: Občanské sdružení Slovo 21
Type of institution: Other type of NGO
Project number: CZ12-0054
Target group(s): Children , Non governmental organisation,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 45,557
Final project costs: € 59,944
From Norway Grants: € 33,293
The project is carried out in: Czech Republic

Summary of project results


The Roma women's group Manushe has been working since 2000 to strengthen the position of Roma women in society and the community. Now the group will expand its capacity and know-how to the local level. Within 11 months of the project, 160 meetings under the program “Education, Self-confidence, Emancipation” will be organised in 8 cities (Chomutov, Mimoň, Prague 14, Bruntál Turnov, Náchod, Krupka and Ostrava). Meetings will be led by long-time members of Manushe with methodological support provided by the Prague office. At the end of the project, 80 Roma women will have enhanced self-esteem, and will be activated and committed to making changes in the community. They will prepare awareness-raising events on gender equality, increasing awareness in Roma communities on this topic. Interesting human stories and best practices will be presented at the final conference and in the electronic book available at the end of the project at http://www.slovo21.cz.


The information on this page has been provided by the programme operator.