Key areas of support

  • Supporting judicial reform, tackling cross-border and organised crime
  • Improving the situation of vulnerable groups, including the Roma population
  • Increasing competitiveness of green enterprises, boosting green innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening civil society to promote social justice, democracy and sustainable development
2009-14 2004-09
Total allocation: €305.95 M Total allocation: €98.5 M
EEA Grants: €190.75 M EEA Grants: €50.5 M
Norway Grants: €115.2 M Norway Grants: €48 M

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Map and facts

  Romania EU-28
GDP per capita in PPS (EU=100) 55 100
Economic growth (% change on previous year) 3.5 0.1
Unemployment rate (%)* 6.8 10.2
Youth unemployment rate (%)* 24 22.2
Public debt (% of GDP) 38 84.5
Gender pay gap (%) 9.1 16.4
At-risk-of-poverty rate (%) 40.4 24.5
Human development index 27 (EU-28 ranking)
Corruption perception index* 25 (EU-28 ranking)

Sources: Eurostat, UNDP, Transparency International. All data is from 2013 except where * indicates 2014. Last updated in April 2015.

Distribution of funding 2009-14




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Click on the programme names below for key facts about each and read why the programme is needed, what it will achieve and how, and partnership opportunities. For details on the application process and eligibility, consult the programme operator websites accessible via the below pages.

Programme Partner(s) Grant
(€ million)
Biodiversity and ecosystem services Norwegian Environment Agency 15
Environmental monitoring and planning   8.2
Reduction of hazardous substances Norwegian Environment Agency 10
Energy efficiency   9
Renewable energy National Energy Authority (Iceland) Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate 12.3
Adaptation to climate change   3.2
Green industry innovation Innovation Norway* 29.7
NGO Fund   36.3
Children and youth at risk Council of Europe 27
Gender equality and work-life balance   4.5
Cultural and natural heritage Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Norway) 15.7
Diversity in culture and arts Arts Council Norway 6.8
Research cooperation Research Council of Norway Icelandic Centre for Research 20
Scholarships Icelandic Centre for Research Agency for Educational Affairs (Liechtenstein) Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education 4.5
Decent work and tripartite dialogue Innovation Norway* 1.2
Capacity building and institutional cooperation Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority 6
Public health initiatives   22.6
Domestic and gender-based violence Council of Europe Norwegian Police Directorate 4
Schengen and cross-border crime Norwegian Police Directorate 5.3
Judicial capacity building Council of Europe Norwegian Courts Administration 8
Correctional services Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service 8
Poverty alleviation   20
Bilateral national fund- funding for developing bilateral cooperation and activities of bilateral interest with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

*Programme operator

News, results and projects


Making a real difference


"Norway Grants are vitally important in helping countries meet international standards and tackle weaknesses in their judicial systems," says Natalia Voutova from the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe is a donor programme partner in four programmes in the fields of judicial capacity building and correctional services.

Improving judicial systems


"The  access to justice centres could make a real difference for the judiciary, but also to Romanian society in general," says Audun Hognes Berg from the Norwegian Courts Administration. The Administration is involved as donor programme partner in programmes contributing to improve the judicial systems in Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

Cooperation to fight cross-border and organised crime


The Norwegian National Police Directorate (POD) is involved as a donor programme partner in the Schengen cooperation and combating cross-border crime programmes in Bulgaria and Romania. The cooperation gives the Directorate a better understanding of crime that is committed in Norway at the same time as they can share their experience in e.g. using Schengen information sharing and cooperation tools.