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Project stories, news and features


Fighting prejudice against LGBT in Lithuania


When Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union, homosexuality did not officially exist. Despite great progress during the last years, the LGBT movement still faces regular discrimination.

Children serving time with their mothers


This is much better than the closed prison. My daughter is not afraid of people anymore,” says Ramona (31), a Lithuanian inmate in the newly established prison-house for female offenders raising children while serving time.

A way back to society


“I need to be re-integrated before getting out of prison. During the past years I have lost my connection to society, I don’t know the new laws, and I need to establish relations with my family again.”

Increasing knowledge about preservation of wooden heritage


This summer, a series of door- and window restoration workshops were held in Lithuania. The courses were given by Norwegian and Lithuanian craftsmen, and provided an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and skills within wooden architecture.

Maintaining biodiversity


In Lithuania wind power plants are fast becoming a meaningful source of energy. Despite their attractiveness because of their low carbon emissions, wind power plants have some direct negative impacts on biodiversity.

Strengthening asylum management


In recent years, migration has put huge pressure on asylum systems in many European countries. Since 2004, significant funding has helped to protect our common borders and strengthen capacity to handle migration, with particular support to Greece since 2012.

Hidden art treasures in Lithuania


In a hundred years old water reservoir ­ – hidden from the eyes of the passers-by – an art exhibition is taking place. Presenting the works of several Norwegian and Lithuanian artists, the exhibition is called ‘Climbing invisible structures. Ritualized Disciplinary Practices in Social Life’.