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Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage

The historical value of Europe’s cultural heritage is undisputed. The cultural sector is also a significant contributor to economic growth and job creation.

However, decades of neglect has left many cultural sites in the beneficiary countries in need of restoration and modernisation. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway's support to cultural heritage programmes in 14 beneficiary countries contributes to conserving and revitalising cultural and natural heritage and improving public accessibility.

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For applicants

Funding is available for entities registered in the 14 beneficiary countries. These may include civic associations, non-profit organisations and other public and private institutions active in the cultural field.

For partners

The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage is involved as a donor programme partner in several programmes in this field and can assist Norwegian entities who wish to get involved. Project partnerships between entities in the donor and beneficiary countries are also encouraged.

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Project stories, news and features


Learning about maritime cultural heritage


With its grand opening earlier this year, the new branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk in Poland – the Shipwreck Conservation Centre in Tczew – has ensured access to maritime cultural heritage for generations to come.  

Putting culture in the spotlight in Warsaw


On 27-28 September, a conference on results of the EEA funding 2009-2014 for culture and cultural cooperation took place in the Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery in Warsaw.