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Photographer: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Public health initiatives

Well-functioning healthcare systems are fundamental for maintaining healthy populations. Good health is essential for a country’s economic productivity and social development. Yet gaps in healthcare provision in Europe are significant.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support programmes on public health in ten countries. These programmes aim to improve the health services and public health systems in the beneficiary countries.  

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Read about the programme in each country to find out what activities are funded, how to apply, or how to get involved as a partner.

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For applicants

Funding is available for entities registered in the ten beneficiary countries. These may include government ministries and local authorities, public health institutes and other public bodies active in the field of healthcare and healthcare governance.

For partners

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health are donor programme partners in some of the beneficiary countries. These organisations can assist Norwegian entities who wish to get involved as partners. Project partnerships between entities in the donor and beneficiary countries are also encouraged. 

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Project stories, news and features


The invisible parents


“When a woman is told that there is something wrong with her baby, she tends to feel left out of the motherhood she had opened up to,” says psychologist Bogna Kędzierska. Read the story about how they approached the parents no one saw.

The fight against insecure food habits


“The structure of the modern society is one of the main reasons behind food insecurity. Because we don’t prioritise food in a stressful everyday life, we often eat food that don't give us the sufficient amount of energy we need. The biggest problem in Portugal is the lack of knowledge related to food."