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Global fund for decent work and tripartite dialogue

Many European countries are struggling to respond to high unemployment. The labour market is also facing many challenges, including those of discrimination and gender equality issues. The Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue put these and other workplace challenges on the agenda.

Norway promote decent work and tripartite dialogue in the 13 beneficiary countries that joined the EU in 2004, 2007 and 2013.

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For applicants

Funding is available for entities registered in 13 beneficiary countries. The Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue is distinctive from all other programmes which are country-specific.

For partners

The Fund is operated by Innovation Norway. Projects are selected on the basis of a dialogue with the National Focal Point in each beneficiary country. Efforts are made to facilitate partnerships with social partners in Norway; partnerships are not however mandatory.

Projects are selected following open calls organised by the Fund Operator. Calls are published on the websites of the Fund Operator and in our open calls calendar.

Calls for proposals

Each programme funds a variety of projects. Projects are selected following calls for proposals organised by the programme operator in each country.

Ongoing calls for proposals under this programme area

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Project stories, news and features


Working to improve social dialogue in Croatia


“The project has helped raise awareness of the importance of tripartite social dialogue at both regional and national level, and the necessity of active social partners in developing public policy.”