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Photographers: Emanuela and Dawid Tatarkiewiczowie

Energy efficiency

Climate action is at the heart of the EU’s sustainable growth strategy – Europe 2020. Increasing energy efficiency is a core aspect of a proactive climate policy and one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Greater energy efficiency also contributes to better air quality, particularly in densely populated areas.

The programmes in this field contribute to improve energy efficiency and help meet EU targets.

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Read about the programme in each country to find out what activities are funded, how to apply, or how to get involved as a partner.

Get involved

For applicants

Funding is available for entities registered in the beneficiary countries having this programme. These may include public administrations, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-government organisations.  

For partners

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate is a donor programme partners in this field in Bulgaria and can assist Norwegian entities who wish to get involved.

Project partnerships between entities in the donor and beneficiary countries are also encouraged.

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Reducing emissions


With funding from Norway, the heat and power plant Kogeneracja S.A., located in the centre of Wrocław in Poland, will significantly reduce its emissions. This will mean better air quality for the inhabitants of Wrocław and the wider region.