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  • Supporting Greek human rights NGOs


    “Most of the cases we deal with are about discrimination towards ethnic minorities in the workplace. We often see migrants being unpaid.”

  • Building knowledge and skills by working together


    Investment in research, education and innovation is key to growth and job creation in Europe, making it a major focus in European and national strategies. Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support research and scholarship cooperation with twelve countries in Europe.

  • Great recognition for the Grants


    In the past couple of months, a number of projects and individuals supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants have received recognition both nationally and internationally.

  • Technology for better health


    Levelling up and unlocking missions – a project supported through the Research programme in Romania seeks an alternative approach to fighting depression.

  • Eco-innovation in packaging


    “We estimate huge energy savings of around 125 000 GJ over three years and a reduction of 18 750 tonnes of CO2. That is the equivalent of emissions from 3 750 cars driven for one year,” said Felip Vidiella, EMEA and India Packaging R&D Director at Dow Spain.

  • Maintaining biodiversity


    In Lithuania wind power plants are fast becoming a meaningful source of energy. Despite their attractiveness because of their low carbon emissions, wind power plants have some direct negative impacts on biodiversity.

  • A new shift in the Latvian prison system


    With support from Norway, Latvian authorities are working to improve drug prevention and treatment programmes in the Latvian prison system. Norwegian partners have shared knowledge and expertise on drug re-socialisation programmes.

  • Strengthening asylum management


    In recent years, migration has put huge pressure on asylum systems in many European countries. Since 2004, significant funding has helped to protect our common borders and strengthen capacity to handle migration, with particular support to Greece since 2012.

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