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Latest news and project stories

  • Working together towards common goals


    Strong partnerships were in the spotlight at the Slovenian closing conference for the 2009-2014 funding period which was held in Ljubljana on 7 October.

  • Official opening of Olaine Prison's new unit for drug addicts


    In the beginning of October, a new rehabilitation and treatment centre for drug addicts was officially opened at Olaine Prison in Riga. The construction of the new unit is an important first initiative to fight drug dependency in Latvian prisons.

  • No filter


    “The first time I saw my self-portrait I cried and felt ugly, I looked very vulnerable,” the former inmate Kristine says.

  • “I needed to show sadness”


    “I wanted to die in this picture, but at the same time I didn’t. I needed to show sadness, loneliness and impotence, because I was trapped behind these wall,” says the inmate Noé (41) who participated in the project ‘Her/Story’.

  • Increasing human rights competence within the courts


    The number of complaints against Bulgaria before the European Court of Human Rights has been significantly reduced. According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, this is a result of sending Bulgarian judges and experts for a placement at the Court.

  • Research reduces noise pollution


    With support from Norway, Gdansk Technical University in Poland and the Norwegian Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF) have worked together to reduce noise pollution from older vehicles.  

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