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  • A more efficient judiciary


    In Croatia, the quality and efficiency of the Croatian judicial system is being strengthened by bringing its practices in line with European standards.

  • Communications Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014


    An independent Communications Review published today identifies good communications results but also shows that there are major differences in the quality and scope of practices carried out by the actors involved in our cooperation programmes. 

  • The priceless checkpoint in Riga


    The number of HIV-positive in Latvia increases. “There’s a need for more readily available places you could test for HIV,” says Kaspars Zalitis, who runs a checkpoint in Riga.

  • Putting culture in the spotlight in Warsaw


    On 27-28 September, a conference on results of the EEA funding 2009-2014 for culture and cultural cooperation took place in the Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery in Warsaw.