Frontpage News 2012 -Norway leading in advanced environment technology

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-Norway leading in advanced environment technology

The Environ Association secures green management of electrical and electronic waste in Romania. The organisation’s President Andrei Orban is convinced the Grants’ support for green innovation will strengthen cooperation between Romania and Norway.

Norway Grants is investing close to €100 million in green innovation, and encourages cooperation between enterprises in Norway and the countries benefiting from the Grants. Almost 200 participants learned more about the opportunities for bilateral cooperation in green innovation at a recent conference in Oslo.  

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Jens Måge from Biowas and Robert B. Jacobsen from SAGAsystem also attended the conference.

Q “What potential do you see for green innovation cooperation between Norway and Romania?”
A: “There are many opportunities. Transfer of knowledge is very central. We have a lot to learn from introducing new and efficient environment measures in my field, such as recycling and waste management.”

Q: “Did you establish contact with potential cooperation partners during the conference?”
A: “I was given the opportunity to meet a number of potential partners through the extensive and interactive programme. I am convinced that the Norway Grants will contribute to strengthening cooperation between Romania and Norway.”

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